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FUEL CELL SENSOR – the most commonly used technology in law enforcement breathalyzers
Without replacing the battery, the device will last up to 10 years by using it once a day
It estimates the recovery time to be within the legal limit
It allows you to send preset and geo-localized messages to your friends
It brings you home by finding the nearest taxi


Are you sure you can drive?

FLOOME is an elegant and precise breathalyzer for smartphones, thanks to the App, you will be able to estimate your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), as well as access a large number of other useful features.

FLOOME measures the alcohol concentration in the blood (BAC) and sends the result directly to your smartphone. Connects to your smartphone using standard audio jacks, such as earphones. How to use FLOOME? Connect to the smartphone, rotate the nozzle and blow it.

Keep security at your fingertips!

FLOOME combines exquisitely fine Italian design with highly reliable technology, using the same sensor utilized by law enforcement.